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Residential & Industrial Subdivisions

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The perfect plan

Pink Beluga Civil provides a comprehensive civil works service on residential and industrial subdivisions. We can help bring your vision to fruition by preparing any site for construction. This encompasses all aspects of earthworks, including land surveying, excavation, earthmoving, site clearance and demolition.

Our experienced team of civil contractors excel at working to the highest standards, beginning with the initial site survey to assess the subdivision lot through to design and planning management.

After all, every site comes with its own unique challenges and the earlier these are addressed and planned for, the better the outcome. We also work hard to ensure all our work is compliant and meets quality, safety and environmental standards for a professional result.

Auckland Subdivision Specialists – Pink Beluga Civil
Auckland Subdivision Specialists – Pink Beluga Civil

Earthworks and concreting

We are experts in all manner of earthworks, including bulk excavating to clear large tracts of land, detailed excavation and drainage excavation. We can also assist with road widening, retaining walls and more.

Once the earth moving is complete, we are also experienced in hardstand and all types of concreting work required for subdivisions in Auckland. This includes laying slab foundations, driveways, pavements and more.

Down-to-earth land development

Pink Beluga Civil promotes honest communication between all parties as we firmly believe it is an essential component for the efficient completion of any earthwork project. We work collaboratively with you, your nominated stakeholders and your other contractors to ensure everyone is on the same page.

We offer a management service to facilitate getting your site ready for construction, including a speedy resolution of any conflicts that may inadvertently arise during site preparation. Clear and open communication is a win-win for everyone involved in a subdivision project. This includes providing reliable timeframes and results as predicted.

Auckland Subdivision Specialists – Pink Beluga Civil

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Wherever you’re looking to build in Auckland, we can help get you started. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how we can help with your next earthwork project.

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