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Car Park Construction & Surfacing

Smoothing the way for the perfect parking spot.

Preparation is key

Pink Beluga Civil can take your car parking concept from the initial feasibility study through to the final build for any civil or industrial external project. Our top-notch surveying equipment will determine the best approach to ensure you have a carpark that you’re proud of for years to come.

We’ll scrape to a level surface, compact the lot so it’s appropriately compressed, top it with the right choice of substrate before sealing with hot mix asphalt.

Car Park Construction Auckland – Pink Beluga Civil
Car Park Construction Auckland – Pink Beluga Civil

Why asphalt for your car park?

Asphalt, a mixture of aggregate and bitumen, is ideal for surfacing large areas such as shopping car parks and commercial parking areas. Asphalt is hard wearing and can withstand a high volume of vehicles. It also has a high degree of flexibility meaning it can expand and contract in hot or cold weather with a lower risk of cracking.

It comes in a variety of dark, anti-glare colours that provide a high contrast surface for increased visibility of line markings, making for a safer car park.­­­ Plus, asphalt is affordable and when laid right, will remain crack and pothole free for the long haul. It also has the added benefit of a quick cure time meaning that your car park can be laid quickly and efficiently.

Repairing damaged car parks

Car parks that have deteriorated with age are not only unsightly but could cause unnecessary damage to vehicles if not correctly maintained. We can remediate car parks that have become damaged to restore them to their former glory.

We’ll work with you to determine the right approach, including whether it is repairable or needs to be re-laid. We can also build ramps, access ways, traffic calming and speed bumps.

Car Park Construction Auckland – Pink Beluga Civil

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Ready to construct your car park

We offer our car park construction services, from small, compact parking to larger lots across Auckland, from xxx to xx and everywhere in-between. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how we can help with your next earthwork project.